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Branching out nationally

Managing your money online can be daunting, so we’ve helped People’s Choice Credit Union to create a digital strategy that will provide members with all the tools they need to achieve their financial goals as well as attract new members.

A major part of this strategy is creating a new branch online that is always available and full of easy-to-find information that guides its members through a more personalised banking experience. This experience will eventually enable their members to do whatever they can do in a bricks and mortar branch and more.

The EPiServer Content Management System we used allows People’s Choice to easily control content across the entire site, making the tedious job of updating details like rates on each individual page a thing of the past. EPiServer is automatically responsive, presenting content seamlessly so that all members are able to see those rates presented consistently across devices.

With a large member base across the country, People’s Choice wanted to make sure that they were only showing information relevant to each user. The geo-locator tool from EPiServer pinpoints the user’s location to intuitively show the nearest branch and ATM as well as localized news and weather. This keeps the member engaged and more likely to go on to view other products and services.

Thanks to our EPiServer Content Management System, People’s Choice Credit Union now have a website that puts its members first and is helpful, personalised and accessible. It’s all a part of an ongoing digital strategy that will move the Digital branch forward, with EPiServer as a driver to enable People’s Choice to personalise the experience even further.

This big first step will be constantly evolving to meet the needs and wants of an increasingly online member base. People’s Choice will be one of the first to fully embrace this shift towards digitised banking. That’s a good choice.


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