The Simple Life


Think about everything you could ever want from a lazy summer lunch in Italy. You can get it all in one place - on the Amalfi Coast. Bright sunshine, stunning coastal views, simple yet delicious Italian cuisine, gorgeous wine, and what seems like endless time to enjoy it. All you need to do is add friends.

A wooden boat, boasting the Da Adolfo moniker, picks you up from the picturesque Positano Marina and transports you along the rugged coastline to a pocket-sized bay nestled amongst the cliffs. You’ll find the restaurant perched on a small pebbled beach with crystal clear water. Take some time to enjoy the beach and a quick swim before heading to your table for lunch. The food is simple Italian and mostly seafood based, but is fresh and delicious and always served with never-ending baskets of fresh Italian bread. The kitchen sits further up the mountain, so the waiters are continually running up and down a set of stairs carved into the rocks to deliver your food. You might feel a little guilty, but it quickly passes. This part of the world enjoys the simple life and there are few better places than here to enjoy a relaxing afternoon lunch by the sea.

- John

Bay by Boat

Bay by Boat

If you’re after beaches to die for, you can’t miss St Paul’s Bay in Lindos.