Creating Experiences Since 1995

Experience Matters

Fusion is a full service digital product studio providing strategy, design and technology solutions for forward thinking organisations.

In 1995, the founders of Fusion saw an opportunity to apply design thinking to interactive digital media and break the traditional mould of technology delivery. They believed they could take their ideas further by starting their own business and offering something completely different.

The result was a Fusion of strategy, design and digital with a strong belief in focusing on what people experienced, rather than just what the technology could deliver.

Over the years Fusion's expertise has broadened enormously, but what still drives us is the burning desire to create innovative experiences that deliver strong business outcomes and which people love, connect with and want to share.

 At Fusion, we create experiences that people love.

Proven Process

Any experience that a person can have will have four foundational elements: Find, Use, Love or Fix.

We use these four elements to determine how the experience you give to your customers is working currently,
could be changed, or has improved since changes have been implemented.

FIND - the ability of your customers to discover your brand experience (via search, social media, a review etc.)

USE - the interactions with that brand experience. This includes onboarding, set-up, repeat use and task completion. 

LOVE & FIX - the subsequent, polarised states that come from usage.

If a customer uses the experience successfully and enjoys themselves, this falls into Love. Experiences that are loved are shared with others, or become an incentive for repeat Use.

If a customer has trouble or doesn't like an experience, then a Fix is required. The onus is on the brand to deliver a prompt solution to the customer. A well integrated fix has the ability to turn around the customer's sentiment towards a brand.

We believe brands can find success with this framework. It's our tool for everything we create.

Our Values

In order for us to create experiences that people love, we have to live our brand values - as an organisation and as individuals.

Aware: We're always checking in, asking questions and testing solutions until we know your customers as if they're our own. We're all about the details - big or small.

Brave: We'll push the boundaries to find the right answers. If it's a bad idea, we'll tell you.

Responsible: We take ownership of our decisions, and will guide down the right path. If we make a promise, we deliver.

Clear: We want you to know exactly what we are thinking and make sure you feel comfortable doing the same. No relationship ever suffered from overcommunication.

Fusion's brand values are intertwined with our brand purpose: Creating Experiences People Love.


An Experienced Team

Our team is made up of highly experienced digital specialists across a wide range of disciplines. We strive to create the best possible experiences for your organisation, drawing on over 500 years of combined expertise in digital.

We've won over 250 industry awards for digital excellence.

We complete all projects in-house to maintain quality control and knowledge capture. The team is highly qualified and experienced.

An Experienced Team An Experienced Team