Munns iPad App and Website

One of the key issues we identified in the define phase of Munns’ website redevelopment, was the difficulty people had in finding the right products.

To effectively catalogue and display their range, we designed an innovative online seed selector. Budding gardeners can now visit the virtual garden shed and enter a series of inputs that show the right seed and complementary products suitable for their backyard. The custom shopping list can then be printed for easy in-store purchase.

The website’s new design oozes lawn, giving Munns a far more professional image and an innovative sales tool. The Munns team can now populate the site themselves and share an online newsletter to keep in touch with their customers.


After a discovery trip to Bunnings, we also gained the insight that people had difficulty choosing from the huge range of lawn products on offer in store. With this mind, when designing the wireframes for the Munns website project, we crafted assets that could be easily re-purposed for an iPad app. Currently deployed within several Bunnings stores across Victoria, the iPad app, with its simple interface, is a hard-working sales assistant.

Not only is the App helping customers choose the right seed and complementary products for their unique situation, it’s also working hard for Munns too. We built analytics into the app to manage, track and report on a multitude of consumer inputs that, over time, will help inform a raft of future product improvements such as product sizing, packaging and potential new products. We also designed a fluttering garden butterfly animation, to catch the eye of passing shoppers.

Tackling the project wasn’t without its technical challenges though. We had to source housing that integrated perfectly with retail shelving systems and resolve issues around power shutdowns. To preserve power until morning, we wrote custom code to auto-dim the iPad screen and give our virtual sales assistant some well deserved shut eye.

SACA West End Redbacks Website

SACA West End Redbacks Website

To provide more prominence to the South Australian Cricket Association’s flagship team, the West End Redbacks, we created a new website specifically for the team to communicate directly with their fan base.

Yalumba Intranet

Yalumba Intranet

The Yalumba Wine Company wanted to connect to hundreds of people who are geographically dispersed such as winemakers, vineyards crew and distributors. They needed an online communications platform to easily find and share information efficiently.