Conquering complexity to increase conversions for Paperpak

We know that people don’t always buy the best products for their circumstances. This is largely because they buy products they can understand the quickest that may do the job.

Online shopping experiences that are easy, quick and frictionless should help users select the correct product for their needs.

Fusion helped Paperpak, a provider of premium packaging solutions, create a simple and efficient commerce solution.

Fusion used the principle of providing ‘clarity’ front and centre, to design and craft a minimalist digital ecommerce experience. Powered by Episerver, the new platform elevates ‘humble' paper products to ‘hero-level’ status on screen.

Easy to understand product information and a simplified checkout process help customers find the products they are looking for with ease.

Check out Paperpak’s beautiful and simple digital shopping experience here:

About Paperpak

Paperpak is part of the family-owned Detmold Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of paper and cardboard products, employing more than 2,500 people with manufacturing in seven countries.

Delivering delicious results for Detpak

Delivering delicious results for Detpak

As a global company creating packaging for the food services industry, Detpak's customer base ranges from big brands like McDonald's and Subway to the owner/operator of your local laneway coffee shop. Regardless of size, they all search for food packaging that helps their brand shine.