Our Nation iPad App

Created for the Property Council of Australia, the Our Nation App generates scenarios based on Australia's economic and demographic trend data. By better understanding population growth and settlement patterns, we can examine potential scenarios of demand for community services and supporting infrastructure.

You can also explore the implications of critical trends in ageing, labour force growth and dependency ratios as well as the potential impact on Australia’s longer term fiscal capacity – our collective ability to finance evolving community needs. On the technical side, Our Nation is an HTML5 web-app that we designed carefully to feel like an App when viewed on an iPad, however people can also access through a web-browser.

We pushed HTML5 pretty hard as well as customising and integrating Google charts in a manner we haven't seen before. The statisticians amongst us can downloaded .CSV files for further manipulation in excel.

Grab the free Our Nation iPad App from here:

If you don't have an iPad, you can access the web version of Our Nation from here:


What are you up to on the internet?

What are you up to on the internet?

To help our clients make the most of the opportunities the internet provides, we wanted to know what South Australians are up to on the internet.