Welcome to the Danger Zone

 Grand Canyon - Arizona, USA

What better way to get to the majestic Grand Canyon than by helicopter. Get your best Arnie impression ready and cue the obligatory “Get to the choppa!” Predator quotes ad infinitum in the days leading up to the flight. Catch your ride from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon for amazing views. Our pilot took us over Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and (spoiler alert) the scene from the finale of Thelma and Louise where they drive off the edge of the Grand Canyon (which isn’t actually in the Canyon itself, or so our pilot told us. The movie facts come complimentary). Descending to the floor of the canyon, the pilot put ‘Highway to the Danger Zone’ on over the PA, tipping the experience into the freakin’ epic!

From the floor of the Grand Canyon, it’s impossible to comprehend just how big it actually is. What looked like bushes on the other side of the Colorado River were actually tall trees, and the river itself was a mile wide but looked like you could swim across it in a few minutes.

Enjoy a final flyby of the Las Vegas strip just as the neon lights of the hotels come on and watch the party start. Speaking of parties, spirits aren’t measured in the US, so you’re getting doubles by Aussie standards. In related news, Burger King has a Quad Stacker. That’s right, four burgers, one bun, truly a sight to behold. To check out the rest of Las Vegas, rent a sports car and cruise the strip at night pretending you’re a high roller.

- Jonathan

Spray Away

Spray Away

If you’re more Camden than Kensington and more Rolling Stones than The Beatles, take a peek at Leake Street graffiti tunnel.