Smarter start at Torrens University Australia

It’s not every day you get to brand a new Australian university. We have been privileged to be involved with Torrens University Australia, the first new university to open in Australia for more than 20 years.

We worked with Torrens to develop their brand and digital touchpoints. As a fresh offering in an established market, we took the opportunity to position Torrens as a genuine alternative to the established educational institutions. Utilising
the affiliated Laureate International Universities network, Torrens provides students with a global advantage and worldwide student exchange opportunities. The university offers a student-centered approach, unhindered by traditions and staid university hierarchy.

During detailed brand evaluation workshops, we identified and established a brand definition for Torrens. While most universities strive to educate students with a depth of knowledge in a single area, Torrens fosters an additional wide breadth of cross-disciplinary and collaborative skills, creating highly valued ‘T-shaped’ graduates. This insight was integral to the development of their logo, visual branding and website.

To establish the first public touch point for Torrens we created a rich and intuitive web platform. Using our methodical design process we clearly defined the digital business objectives. Reflecting their student-centered approach, we have created an information rich digital foundation focused on students’ needs.

The web platform promotes the unique selling position “Designed for you” and features detailed course information, online enquiries, scholarship offers, student life guides and university information centered on students.

To launch Torrens into the wider community we collaborated with local celebrity and Masterchef alumni Poh Ling Yeow.
Poh acts as a brand ambassador and living testament to the Torrens ‘T–shaped’ personality, having gained experience and collaborated across a broad range of fields in her professional career. Poh took part in various promotional activities, as an embodiment of Torren’s values.

With courses starting in January 2014, we have enabled the timely launch of Torrens and helped successfully position them as an exciting alternative within the competitive global university sector.

Baby on board

Baby on board

Bringing a more empathetic and cost-effective solution to IVF treatments was the driving message behind BUMP’s reimagined website. BUMP promises effective and contemporary fertility treatment in the simplest way. We were hired to put them in the position of digital pioneers in IVF solutions, with a better user experience and simple, clear content.