MIGA – Bluey Alarm app

Providing medical indemnity insurance to doctors, midwives, and medical students, MIGA wanted to bring to life a new addition to their brand, Bluey. They needed a useful app that works to demonstrate their tagline ‘Always on your side.”

We created a native iPhone app where users engage with the brand via interactions with Bluey. Bluey is a working dog that embodies loyalty, reliability and always being there when you need him.

The Bluey Alarm app is functional and fun. MIGA’s clients can schedule important events and interact with Bluey via a series of animations triggered by standard iPhone interactions. How many tricks can you get Bluey to perform?

Baby on board

Baby on board

Bringing a more empathetic and cost-effective solution to IVF treatments was the driving message behind BUMP’s reimagined website. BUMP promises effective and contemporary fertility treatment in the simplest way. We were hired to put them in the position of digital pioneers in IVF solutions, with a better user experience and simple, clear content.