Rundle Lantern wins AGDA Digital Media award

The cream of the crop of the Australian design community came together on the 16th of October at the Brisbane Convention Centre for the presentation of the 10th AGDA National Biennial Awards. Some 2,000 plus entries were received for the Awards across 18 categories. In total there were 241 Finalists, 167 Distinctions and 8 entries achieving AGDA's highest accolade, the Pinnacle. 

The highly sought after Pinnacle award for Digital Media was taken out by Fusion for our work designing Adelaide’s Rundle Lantern. Of the 241 finalists, the Rundle Lantern also received a Judge’s Choice award. Additionally, the Rundle Lantern was a Finalist in the Environmental Design category (being fully powered by solar energy) and it’s partner, the Rundle Lantern Simulator website, , was also Finalist in Digital Media. 

Fusion our proud to have one of South Australia’s greatest landmarks recognised right across the country as being the standout entrant for digital design in Australia. “South Australia now has an innovative national icon to be very proud of”, says Fusion Director, John Chaplin. “Our vision was to add beauty to people’s lives without affecting the environment, working with current structures, and putting Adelaide on the global map.” 

The lantern is made up of 748 square panels, each illuminated by two huge LED lights. They come to life at dusk to display a myriad of moving images, providing an ever changing piece of art for the people of Adelaide to enjoy. 

Fusion also received two other Digital Media Distinctions for their work on Adelaide’s Air Warfare Destroyer website, , for their creation of the every handy Heaps Good iPhone app. Other Fusion entries that obtained Finalist status in the Digital Media category were the Dalrymple website, , and Fusion’s own website, in the Self Promotion category. 

The 2010 award is Fusion’s 3rd Digital Media Pinnacle and Judge’s award.

Rundle Lantern Scoops SA Architecture Awards

Rundle Lantern Scoops SA Architecture Awards

Fusion is excited to announce that the Rundle Lantern won three category awards in the recent 2009 South Australian Architecture Awards. Created by Fusion for the Adelaide City Council, the Rundle Lantern was awarded in the categories of Urban Design, Collaborative design and the prestigious Adelaide Prize.