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Arup Inspect app

Tablet technology is changing the way we learn, work, relax and play. As an innovative global building infrastructure and consulting firm, Arup saw an opportunity to adopt new tablet technology within their inspection and auditing services.

On-site observations used to be carried out with written notes and photographs. Arup engaged Fusion to develop Arup Inspect, an iPad app enabling easy and accurate data capture onsite. People can upload CAD or working PDF documents prior to inspections and use the app on site to take photos, make notes, and record defects, safely with just one device.

Using GPS locators for each observation, data is pin-pointed to ensure accuracy and eliminate errors. Reports can be previewed, filtered, emailed and additional details added off-site. The time to conduct and compose an audit inspection has been reduced significantly and has become an enjoyable process.

Arup Inspect has been adopted globally, changing the way asset inspections are delivered. Fusion continues to develop specialist versions of the app, providing options to complete structural, fire-safety, seismic and other niche inspection types.

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