Facebook's Like button, coming to a screen near you!

Like button

Getting more traffic to your site via personal recommendation is now possible from Facebook, the social media generator. You may be interested to learn about the latest social media plug-ins from Facebook and how these plug-ins could benefit your website’s share ability.

Facebook is aiming to ‘personalise your website experience’ with a suite of new widget plug ins, the main one of these is the ‘Like’ button. The Like button allows people to ‘Like’ items on your website and then share their ‘Like’ with all of their friends in their Facebook news feed. The Like button’s news post also publishes a link back to your website from the Facebooker’s news page, expanding your web presence even further. That’s a lot of potential exposure from one small button on your website.

We like this. It opens up a huge door for organisations to stay connected with their customers and find out what they like. Integrating Facebook Like buttons into your site is an easy way to further integrate your website into the ecosystem of social marketing.

You’ll find the Facebook Like button popping up on all kinds of sites now. Facebook has said that since launch in April this year, over 100,000 websites have integrated the new Like button and other widgets. Every month, 500 million people use Facebook, with an average user having 130 friends, so the exposure that the Like button could bring your website’s content is really worth considering.

Contact us if you would like to discuss whether adding the Facebook Like button to your website is appropriate for your customers and business goals.

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