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Easy Data - What's the state of the State?

DTED Easy Data web application

Finding state-wide statistics got a whole lot easier when Fusion were recently engaged by Department of Trade and Economic Development (DTED) to plan, design and develop a data enquiry web application that aggregates a vast array of economic, social and environmental indicators online. The EasyData application has the powerful ability to perform multi-region comparisons.

Our vision to design the application to be user-friendly has been proven with enthusiastic use by 1,631 users – generating 37,181 reports in its first month alone. Former DTED CEO, Brian Cunnigham said “EasyData fits DTED’s move to be more customer-centric, progressive and outwardly focussed.”

The EasyData project has gone on to win a 2009 Premier’s Award, showcasing excellence in the public sector, taking out the ‘Growing Prosperity’ category.


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