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With branch offices in the USA, UK, Australia and NZ, Negociants International is one of the world’s pre-eminent premium wine exporters. We recently launched a redeveloped version of Negociants Australia’s national division website that focuses on making it easy for customers and employees to find valuable information about the Negociants international wine portfolio quickly.

Negociants’ previous website had served its purpose well, but needed to be upgraded in order to simplify finding specific products and their corresponding support files. One of the most common uses of the previous website was to locate and send tasting notes, press and point of sale files to prepare on-premise and in-store communications. Negociants wanted to retain this functionality while streamlining the process, so we created a file-cart system that lets people quickly find a product and add its associated files into the cart for forwarding to an email address. The cart has been built with a simple toggle that allows people to attach a collection of files or include them as links within the email to bypass the common issue of mail-server file size limitations.

The wine portfolio search function has received a major overhaul, making it the hero of the new website with its predictive search capability. As people type in keywords, the website constantly suggests results that may be akin to the information they are searching for. The advanced search option provides for complex search criteria to be set up using criteria such as Winery, varietal, region and country of origin.

The website makes use of AJAX components to improve performance and the ease of interactionsm providing a smooth users experience.

Nick Waterman, General Manager - Negociants Australia, said of the new website, “The advancements made in website technology since the original site was launched in 2003 have been significant and we set ourselves a challenge to use these new technologies to our full advantage”.

Based on the utility of the upgraded website, we are now in the planning stages with Negociants Australia for a mobile version that will be a useful tool for their national field sales-force who are constantly being called or emailed for product information by customers. The mobile version will be based on a user interface that is specifically designed for the mobile devices’ screen resolution and functional capabilities.

www.negociantsaustralia.com     mobile.negociantsaustralia.com

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