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HeapsGoodSA Integrated Campaign

The GFC has impacted the ways in which many Marketing Managers spend their budgets to connect with their markets.

As a result, we have seen an increase in clients asking us to help them think of ways to go beyond traditional media channels to achieve revised objectives.

Six months ago, SA Great asked Fusion to partner with them to inject some innovation into a youth retention campaign to complement traditional media channels. As 78% of people trust what others say more than what an advertisement tells them(14%), we created a strategy that enables people to share what they think is great about SA with their own voices.

First, we created an email campaign that asked people to submit photos of themselves wearing the iconic Screamdance-designed Heaps Good t-shirts via a dedicated microsite. A selection of the best photos were then chosen to appear in a Heaps Good TVC that refers to the next aspect of the campaign, consumer driven website heapsgoodsa.com.au

heapsgoodsa.com.au is fast becoming the place to find and explore exciting things to do in SA, with user-generated content allowing people to view, love, rate and comment on all the Heaps Good things SA has to offer. Website navigation is simple and intuitive to use, but intentionally lets you get sidetracked in the site to find something you never knew existed.

Further campaign strategies including outdoor, radio and press all tie into popular social networking sites such as facebook, with the 'SA - it's Heaps Good' group connecting people with the campaign and encouraging people to share all the stuff they love about SA.

Almost 50% of users referred friends to the website via word of mouth and 30% spread the news via facebook. The results were impressive, with heapsgoodsa.com.au attracting over 350,000 visitors since its launch, demonstrating that going beyond traditional media channels can really pay off for brands.


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