SA Water Interactive House

The recently launched SA Water Interactive House enables householders to calculate their weekly water use and access easy ways to save water around the home. The Interactive House and Garden has more than 35 helpful hints and tips for saving water in and around the home, including how to care for our wastewater network.

The interactive solution provides plenty of ways to save water from things as simple as taking shorter showers and purchasing water efficient devices, to larger projects like installing rainwater tanks. The content is aimed at a wide range of people from adults to school children, and offers three different options: Waterwise Tour: A tour of water saving information around the home; Play the Game: An interactive water saving game; and, Your Home: A water use calculator to calculate real water savings.

The use of flash animation and user-friendly navigation ensures an informative and engaging experience.
The Interactive House is a practical teaching tool that will make up part of SA Water’s new school education program, where kids can interact with the tool at school and then introduce family members to it at home.

To coincide with the launch, SA Water ran a competition that asked people to answer questions about what they had learned from the website, placing them in the running to win a 12-month House & Garden magazine subscription.

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