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Rundle Lantern Simulator

The Rundle Lantern Simulator is the next step in the Adelaide City Council’s (ACC) innovative plan to enliven the city centre and create a community masterpiece of digital urban art.

Fusion have developed a rich-media web application that allows people to upload and preview how their video content would be represented if delivered on the Rundle Lantern.

The first use of the simulator was La Lumiere, a Fringe event that brought together a select group of 20 South Australian digital artists to create content that was showcased on the Lantern throughout the duration of the Fringe Festival.

The simulator now provides a globally accessible online gallery of current and archived content that can be viewed by anyone in the world. The next use of the simulator will consider a younger audience for this year’s Come Out 09 Australian Festival for Young People

All future events planned by the Adelaide City Council will use the simulator for the testing and submission of content from the community


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