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Savings & Loans Annual Report

For the Savings & Loans Annual and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports, Fusion recommended that Savings & Loans include their community in the creation of content.

As a result, Savings & Loans asked customers about their ideas of community by giving them the opportunity to share their views through physical branches as well as online.

There were hundreds of responses, proof that the essence of community is alive and well. Staff were asked their views on corporate responsibility, and these were included in the CSR report.

A winner was drawn who was able to choose a charity that Savings & Loans would donate $1000 to on the customer’s behalf. The creative was inspired directly from customer views on community, with the answers being integrated into the design of the Annual Report.

Both reports were not just financial – they gave a snapshot on respective community feeling. As in previous years, both reports are available online within a dedicated microsite in HTML and PDF format, in line with green initiatives.

Microsite visitors can view more of the customer responses online. Fusion is currently in the process of designing the 08/09 Annual Report.


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