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The Department of Trade and Economic Development had over 15 websites offering information on business in South Australia. Realising this made it complicated for visitors to source the information they required, DTED asked Fusion to take on the challenge of merging 15 websites into one business gateway. This we achieved – creating www.southaustralia.biz.

The site now saves visitors time and energy. Whether you’re a current business in South Australia looking for help, or an interstate business looking to relocate or open a branch in SA, the site is the helpdesk destination. You can search for and book places in a range of business related seminars in SA through the site.

Our content management system Helium has vastly improved the administration and management of the site. DTED administrators can now easily manage content and deliver targeted e-marketing campaigns that engage site visitors.
southaustralia.biz is now an easy-to-use, efficient business portal. And DTED have also discovered an additional, unexpected benefit of the site – internal document management.

According to Kevin Foley MP, the website “reflects the South Australia of today – vibrant, business friendly and innovative.

Visit southaustralia.biz

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