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SA Lotteries Website

Trawling through scores of web-server log-files may not sound like the most fun activity in redesigning a website, but this is where we found the best insight for changes to SA Lotteries corporate site.

We discovered that people want results – literally. We learned that most people visit the SA Lotteries site for one reason only – to find out if they’ve won.

With the primary goal of making the site more relevant to SA Lotteries customers, we redesigned the homepage to deliver the most recent game results upfront, in a format that emulates the games’ offline look. So now you log onto salotteries.com.au and the first thing you see are the lotto results. You can also click links to read stories about people who have won, and an animated banner tells people about SA Lotteries contribution to the community.

To make this experience even more relevant, you now have the ability to set the homepage to default to your favourite game. For those who like number crunching, we’ve made it easy to review and download past game history. This means you can analyse offline to find those magic numbers.

According to website analyst Hitwise, salotteries.com.au is now one of the most popular websites in South Australia and the most visited government website.

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