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Measurement Engineering Australia

MEA were having an identity crisis. They were using two logos, one that spelt out their name, Measurement Engineering Australia and an abbreviation MEA. Sometimes they used both, other times just one. They wanted to launch a marketing campaign and redesign their website, so they came to us.

We recommended they dropped using the logo spelling out Measurement Engineering Australia, and just use the MEA logo. They were nervous about this as it didn’t explain anything; “People ask what it stands for?” We explained that Measurement Engineering Australia doesn’t stand for anything either, as they didn’t have a clear positioning statement outlining a brand position.

MEA is less of a mouthful, is memorable and shorter. It just needed to stand for something. We needed to understand what they were about and how they were different from their competitors.

MEA provides measurement solutions for primary industries. They have a reputation for reliability and accuracy that has come from much experience. We established that their experience was their competitive advantage. We developed a positioning statement to associate MEA with experience. This was ‘Measured by Experience’ which was incorporated into the website redesign and marketing campaign.

The marketing campaigns in the past had focused on technology. We wanted to demonstrate their experience and show that they know their customers’ needs. Choosing to target the communication to industry sectors we developed a campaign of print advertisements.

To sell the benefits of the MEA’s soil moisture logger GBug, we used the statement “As easy as kicking the dog (or tapping a mouse).” This is attention grabbing and indicates an understanding of their customers, most having dogs that accompany them out into the field, needing a nudge to be woken. But it importantly explains how easy the GBug is to use, working in a similar way to nudging the dog with your foot.


  • Identity crisis over, MEA stands for Measured by Experience
  • Website redesigned to communicate brand position and tidy up information design
  • Advertising campaign launched and extended over two additional target markets

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