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Advertising Krix

Krix manufactures a large range of high quality loudspeakers for home and commercial use.

When Krix advertise with audio magazines they review their products. Wanting the reviews, Krix came to us to put together an advert in line with their new branding that we desgined for them.

The aim of branding is to build an association with a name; this establishes a market position and aids the human mind in remembering. Krix’s brand strap line ‘Experience sound’ sells the benefit of Krix’s products, its an experience, you feel it, its emotional. ‘Experience sound’ also positions Krix’s products at the serious audiophile end of speaker manufacturing. But how can you communicate this in a press ad?

Their competitor’s adverts and their previous approach had been product orientated, focusing on the product’s features and showing off the entire speaker. Krix’s advertising needed to differentiate them from their competitors and establish brand positioning. The advert needed to be emotionally engaging.

Using a tight close up of a Krix speaker cone, the back and foreground blurred, the image draws you in. The words ‘Experience sound’ are subtlety moved to illustrate sound waves, making the invisible, visible.  It is a simple idea, focusing on sound. The advert taps into the customer’s love of sound, not just features of a speaker.

When the Krix boys were first shown the ad they were shocked, thinking it was too simple. This reaction was a great indicator that the ad worked. It is a powerful attention grabber making an emotional association between sound and Krix.


  • Flag ship image for brand has been created, point of sale posters are in progress.
  • Unique URL on advertisement measures effectiveness
  • Brand association is made and remembered
  • Simple effective advertisement stands out from cluttered magazine pages.


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