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Customer focused web trends

When we are on the internet we are giving our precious time to the websites we visit. Business websites have to be totally customer focused and make access to information easier and more interesting. One of our principles, Damien Mair explains four online technology trends that display real customer focus.

Online video content – engaging customers

Video motion or animation is being used on websites to communicate and engage visitors. With the rising uptake of broadband, video and animation has become much more accessible. Complex topics, such as assemblage or servicing a product are simplified through the real time demonstration that video enables and videoed testimonials are a great sales tool, adding tangibility for service orientated business.

Podcasting - content when and how customers want it

A podcast is a method of distributing audio and video files over the internet. Podcasts can be listened to online and are also downloaded onto personal media players, like ipods.
Business podcasts contain information that is of value to customers like industry news, updates and product development. Successful business podcasts keep it entertaining and straight to the point and are often in an interview format. Podcasts offer business a medium to leverage their knowledge and expertise, generate brand exposure, improve product awareness, and increase sales.

Blogging - give your business a personal voice

A blog is a frequently updated diary on the internet. Blogs provide links to other information and readers’ can submit comments establishing a community.

Businesses have blogs to put a human face to a brand. Business blogs offer customers inside information and improve communication. Customers are given a mechanism to become involved in the business while the business can demonstrate passion. Successful business blogs write honestly about what they do, the highs and the lows, they get personal and tell an interesting story. Business blogs can be used to promote their clients, share plans and discuss problems.

Wiki - consumer generated content

Wiki is online software that allows anyone to edit content of a webpage through a browser.

Wikis are being used by businesses to capture valuable consumer information. For example rather than a website having a downloadable PDF product manual, a Wiki product manual is where the consumer can visit the website, register then enter and edit content in the manual. Wiki effectively enables the manual to be open and modified, commented on and built by the consumers of the product. Wiki displays complete customer focus. Alternatively organisations are using the Wiki model for their company extranet.

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