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The Quay to life

Urban Construct required a new advertising agency. Their Port Adelaide redevelopment Newport Quays was well underway and the project needed greater promotion with a fresh, innovative approach. With a controversial pitch outlining that we are not an adverting agency, and don’t think like them, we won over the client. The first project was to generate an advertising print campaign to 'promote with urgency' the final properties remaining on the market for Stage 1 Edgewater.

We produced a newspaper advert with the aim to sell the last remaining apartments left at Edgewater. It was appropriate to take a sophisticated and strategic approach moving away from the busy, noisy, retail-like adverts that had been used previously. We purposely avoided using accommodation imagery like an artist’s impression of the development opting to show emotive visions that projected the dream, lifestyle and aspirations on offer. This approach was in keeping with level of investment sought.

Urban Construct then engaged us to develop a TV commercial for the release of stage two; Marina Cove. As we saw it, the TVC needed to achieve two things. One; establish Urban Construct as a leading designer and developer of elite properties, elevating the brands position, and two; promote the release of stage two; Marina Cove. This was achieved using stock footage, post production polish and a distinctive sound-track. Again the dream is explored using desirable images to generate emotions reflecting the lifestyle on offer.


  • Stage 2, Marina Cove has sold so well that stage 3 is being fast tracked
  • The scheduling for the TVC has been extended to further consolidate the company’s brand and product awareness.
  • Feedback on the TVC has been that the intentional change in tempo is inquisitively noticed and said to stop the busiest of households in their tracks.
  • Raised brand profile and improved brand awareness
  • TVC repurposed for display at information and sales centre

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