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Tailored intranet for Credit Union

Savings and Loans is one of Australia’s largest member owned credit unions with 160,000 members and over $1 billion in assets. They have been putting member service ahead of profits since 1949.

Savings and Loans Credit Union had an existing intranet that was under utilised and poorly designed. After migrating their corporate website to our content management system Helium®, they wanted to reap the same benefits to manage their intranet.

Savings and Loans wanted to increase ownership of the intranet’s content within the organisations different business units. The Credit Union needed to improve knowledge management, providing quick and easy searching and access to the most used functions: policies, procedures and the staff contacts list. It was also necessary to provide a flexible and multi-tiered permissions system to access intranet content and files.

The redesign also needed to empower staff to maintain their own commonly changing information to reduce the work load on IT staff.

To provide quick access to information Mysali is based on a metaphor of rooms. Depending on your position, committee membership and project involvement you can access different rooms. Each room is a micro-site offering team members a one stop shop to the information relevant to that room’s topic. Mysali’s home page is customised offering staff a snapshot of activity within the rooms they are members of.

The security of rooms is managed through permissions within Helium® continuing through to the room’s associated notices and documents, ensuring classified information is not made public. When a document needs to be made public, global permission can be given.

Mysali’s search feature is completely customised depending on who you are and what rooms you are a member of. Helium® manages filters, only presenting the information team members have permission to see. Helium® synchronises with an existing Microsoft Access database recording details of over 4500 documents.

Helium® manages a live feed, keeping snippets of information current as the website is updated. This avoids the need to refresh the page regularly to keep information up to date.

Mysali enables employees to update their own details ensuring that staff information is current. Useful functionality such as the ‘my tool’ and ‘my quicklinks’ features permit the team to tailor their intranet proving quick access to frequently used information, documents, pages and applications.


  • Mysali is a highly utilised effective communications tool
  • Implementation of a system to provide archiving of documents notices and projects
  • Team members can self manage their own information reducing work load on IT department
  • Effective search feature saves time
  • Permissions module permits global and private classification of information
  • The ‘Room’ model with the permissions structure encourages a move to an electronic approach to handling business communications such as memos, meeting minutes, and executive papers
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