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Having just had one of the driest and warmest winters on record, our team has been hitting the soft drink pretty hard. The proceeds from this fizzy quencher are used to support children in developing countries. This year we have purchased two emergency packs for families in Lebanon, blankets for Zambia, school supplies for Cambodia, clean water in Kenya and a goat in Myanmar with our soft drink proceeds.

We continue to sponsor our child Berihu in Ethiopia. We recently received this letter from him.

Dear Fusion,
First let us express our heart-felt greetings - How are you and your family doing? Thanks to God we are very much well.

Dear Fusion, we have received card and gift (12 mini coloured pencils and toy) from the community development worker. We are very pleased with that. My sponsored child liked the toy, the kangaroo picture on it very much. In general, the gift is very interesting and enjoyable. Now we realised what a kangaroo looks like and is available in your country. Here in our country we have never seen kangaroo. It is very interesting and unique animal. You are very lucky to have it.

Dear Fusion, with your next letter send us your and your family photo so that we can have close and better relationship. My sponsored child and his family feel happy with your photo. If possible we will send you our family photo in the future. We wish you good health and success.

Best regards Berihu and his mother.


Good work people, lets keep downing the soft drink.

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