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Network Now with UniSA

The University of South Australia (Uni SA) is in its third year of running a highly successful networking event. Branded “Network Now” the University brings together students, graduates and alumni industry leaders together for a dinner. This opportunity helps prepare the students for the next step into industry.

Our founding principals John Chaplin and Damien Mair were among the alumni guests enjoying the evening. Around a table and over dinner, John and Damien experienced a progression of table quests that chatted, questioned, and then moved on….to the next table.

“Network now is an innovative event, its a great opportunity for students to network with people in their chosen industry. We enjoyed the night and like to support students and the UniSA, where most of our employees have come from.” Said John Chaplin

We donated a 30GB Video iPod as a door prize to the event, which was happily won by student Julianne Brown, pictured above with John and Damien.

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