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Blue sky day at Austereo

As a listed public company Austereo needs to publish an annual report every financial year.

With a clever tactic Austereo invited us and two other companies to provide a costing and quote on their previous year’s annual report. We presented this and invited them to our Carrington Street office to discuss our range of capabilities. In doing this we won their trust. They liked our energetic approach and can do attitude. It suited their organisation’s culture.

The project was every designer’s dream with an open brief, only outlining the use of their corporate blue. Yet we wanted to think strategically about their annual report and ensure it reflected Austereo’s brand. In the past the company’s annual report had been entrenched in radio symbols. The red tuning dial had featured, as had aerials of many descriptions and even radio waves. This imagery was too literal and product focused and did nothing to communicate Austereo’s brand and vision. Austereo are an innovative, young, edgy, celebrity focused market leader pushing their industry forward.

We felt they needed to project themselves into where radio is going. This is digital radio, therefore our concept was; the future is digital. One of our director’s David Zhu, flew to Sydney to present the concept to the chairman. Immediately after shaking the man’s hand David was confronted with,
“So you want to tell me to change the blue?”
Taken aback by this sudden direct statement David replied,
“No, we will look at the blue colour in a different way, we aren’t looking at the blue as a flat colour, we see it as the sky, the unlimited sky, representing the future, and the future is digital.”
The chairman looked directly at David and said, “You’ve got it, ok, we can end the meeting now.”
We struck the right cord with the chairman.

The annual report features beautiful blue sky, plenty of white space and lots of celebrity. We provided copywriting which is upbeat and positive. It’s creative, fresh and innovative, just like Austereo. We also helped to put together a DVD to accompany the report which reinforces the energetic, entertaining digital image.


  • The annual report is on brand and sends the right message for the future and vision of the organisation.
  • Shareholders will feel they are part of something special when this annual report arrives in the post.
  • Austereo are really really happy with their 05/06 annual report, we have received lots of thankyou phone calls and even chocolates.

It has been a real pleasure working with Fusion.” said Kathy Gramp - Chief Financial Officer.

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