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Our World Vision child writes

With a thirsty team of 28 we bulk buy soft drinks for the team to purchase for a nominal fee. The profits from this venture are used to support children in developing counties. Through World Vision we purchased two immunisations for children in India and a piglet was bought for a village in Burma. We now sponsor a child named Berihu.

Berihu lives in a rural area of Ethiopia. He is 7 years old. His father is a farmer dependent on seasonal rain for a livelihood. Beriha and his mother wrote to us...

Dear Fusion,

First let me forward my hear-felt greeting. How are you and whole family. Thanks to God we Gidey's family are very well. Dear Fusion we have received the card and gift (t-shirt) you sent from the community development worker hand. We thanks from the bottom of our heart for your gift.

Dear my child sponsor the T-shirt you sent is very interesting and your sponsored child has very liked it. He likes wearing the T-shirt always and tries to read English on the card. There are no such animals (Koala) in our country. They are beautiful and interesting.

Dear Fusion, your letter indicates that you are living in South Australia and you are merchant. We are also informed that your living town is beautiful and wide and about one million people living in there. We are very glad about all this information. Finally we would like to thank to cricket team (Red-Backs) for the T-shirt. We pray to win the sport match for you. Actually we have no chance to watch the match.

Until we meet with our next letter, we wish you a nice time.

From Beriha and his mother

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