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Brilliant blend brand gets moving

We were engaged to bring to life SA Tourism's new logo with the campaign pitch "South Australia - A brilliant blend". The client wanted the logo to animate, this would become integral to the new campaign.  


The idea was to draw the star in the logo with a sparkler. "We weighed up shooting real footage of a sparkler drawing the star, but we quickly realised we would have greater control and better quality if we created it ourselves using a particle system. The problem was that there was nothing off the shelf to create the look of a sparkler. We ended up creating our own custom 3D particles." said Grant Lovering, Fusion Director.  For reference the team examined sparklers. "The end animation consists of several small particle elements to make a convincing reproduction of a sparkler. For the greatest effect we had to go to a fine level of detail." added Grant.

After producing a version of the animation that was a direct plan view we pushed the design further developing a version consisting of a series of close ups and various tight camera angles. This version proved to be dynamic and visually engaging and give the brand some real energy.

Custom 3D particles


  • Successfully sold the campaign to the client.
  • The animation features on all SA Tourism television commercials.
  • The footage has been repurposed for use online, as a screen saver that can be downloaded from the internet, and has been used on large screens at sponsored events.

Client : SA Tourism
Agency : KWP!
Director : Grant Lovering
Sound: Sean Timms
Fusion : Compositing, Visual Effects, Animation, Editing

View brilliant blend animation (2Mb)

You will need the QuickTime plug-in to view the movie.

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