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Autophoto revs up new business

Autophoto engaged Fusion to develop an online business. The business plan was to create an extensive online library of car photographs for purchase by motor vehicle dealers, advertising agencies and media groups. The idea came about from observing the process currently occurring to procure photographs. Trading laws require that the exact car model is pictured correlating to the car for sale. Publishers had to phone car dealers to locate the exact model car then a photographer would take a digital photo of the car and email it to the publisher.

Autophoto aimed to simplify this process by providing an extensive library of images for sale online. Autophoto wanted a website that was easy to use, offered secure ecommerce facilities and would launch their new business venture as a successful e-business.

Addressing the business goals in the design of the Autophoto website, essentially developed the business model for this new venture. The Autophoto website offers a minimalist design, providing customers with a clean and easy to use website. Getting the customer experience right was essential. Visitors to the website are immediately immersed in the catalogue and are provided a choice of vehicle make to select.

Customers can make, edit, and send saved albums of images. This suits the workflow of dealers choosing the required images, then newspaper/publisher purchasing those images and others chosen by different dealers. Prices of images differ depending on the usage of single or multiple appearances in publications.

Fusion’s content management system Helium® enables the Autophoto team to add, edit, update, organise and publish images themselves. This gives the team complete control over their new business venture. Helium® also provides a secure ecommerce facility with an intuitively designed shopping cart and album list. The album can be emailed or added into the shopping cart. Helium® has limitless scalability ensuring Autophoto can grow extensively into the future.


  • Established a new online business
  • Currently containing over seventeen thousand images Autophoto is the world’s most comprehensive automotive photographic library
  • Autophoto team can manage their online business through Helium® content management system
  • Intuitive website design simplifies search of large library of images

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