Design & Branding

Street signage with style and function

Designer/Maker Greg Healey approached us with a design challenge.

The Adelaide City Council has had safety issues with ‘A’ frame sandwich board signs placed on footpaths by traders. The council wanted to implement a signage system that would replace sandwich boards. Because traders come and go it was important that the signage system accommodate change and as street architecture, the signs had to be vandal and tamper proof. We collaborated with Greg on the design.


The finished solution is an elegant adaptable design that suits either a wall or a side walk position depending on available space. The design is stylistic, minimal and sleek driven by function. Made from curved stainless steel the sign subtlety incorporates a crop of the council’s logo to reinforce the city’s brand. The sign clearly names the street as well as the traders to be found there. The large rectangular shape is eye-catching and functional as several traders’ names can be accommodated and be read easily. Made from anodized aluminium the panels listing each shop’s name can be removed and updated in-house.

The signs were initially installed in the Rundle Mall area as a trial run. The council received an enormously overwhelming positive response. Traders particularly loved the signs, and were enquiring when their streets’ signage would be installed.

A big tick for the Adelaide City Council for its new city street signage…the council initiative is a major improvement.” Wrote Rex Jory Sunday Mail April 9 2006

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