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Savings and Loans makes the most of the Internet

Savings and Loans is one of Australia’s largest member owned credit unions with 160,000 members and over $1 billion in assets. They have been putting member service ahead of profits since 1949.

How do you easily update, distribute and archive a strategic plan document within an organisation?
How do you easily communicate your organisations balanced scorecard to every employee?
How do you easily show your organisations actual and target key performance indicators within your strategic plan?

Facing these problems Savings and Loans engaged us to improve the process for how their strategic plan was documented, distributed, updated and archived. Originally a bundle of word and power point files, the Savings and Loans Strategic plan required readers to scan through its entirety to find relevant information. The Strategic plan lacked an archive or versioning process so readers would not know if they were looking at the latest version. It was also not easy to make the plan available to all employees.

We custom designed an online application for the Strategic plan that has revolutionised the way Savings and Loans manages this fundamental document. Like a website, the Strategic Plan has a homepage dashboard that presents the Savings and loans balanced scorecard. It was a challenge to design the dashboard to fit elegantly in the 800x600 screen resolution required by Savings and Loans. The dashboard was coded to be scalable to any size screen so that it is future proofed.

From the dashboard, the balanced score card’s objectives for six main areas are listed displaying the KPI’s target and actual results. Pop windows open from tabs that display the organisations vision and its core values. Links are provided to the operational plans and key projects associated with the strategic plan. This means that the operational plan or key project is just one mouse click away and can easily be printed for further reference.

Using the Helium® content management system enables the Savings and Loans team to edit and update the strategic plan on the organisations Intranet. This firstly avoids reliance on technical teams to update content. Secondly as the strategic plan is on the intranet all employees have easy access to it. Thirdly the design of the strategic plan is such that the reader, in one glance, can gain a view of how the organisation is performing against its key performance indicators. Lastly Helium® enables archiving of each quarters results, providing a historical reference of the organisation's performance.


  • Transparency
  • Improved communication
  • 1 page snapshot of how company is going
  • Easy distribution
  • Historical archive
  • Easy to navigate
  • Reduced workload
  • Most up to date version available to everyone


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