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Bridgestone - Turanza TV commercial

Ernie Clark engaged our Film and TV team for the second commercial in the Bridgestone series. Ernie and the agency needed the commercial to be edited together to tell a compelling and effect story. 

Ernie had filmed around ½ an hour of footage on 35mm film for a 30 second commercial.

We edited together several different versions of the commercial, all telling the story slightly differently. It is the subtleties of the edit that determines the eventual mood of the commercial. Small variations in the edit can have a large impact on what the viewer takes away.” Said Lincoln Wogan, Fusion Director.

Once the client and agency had chosen the version best suiting their needs an edit decision list was created allowing the original camera film to be cut together using only the shots from the final edit. The edited reel of film then went into a Telecine where it was colour graded and transferred to HDCAM (high definition tape).

The high definition tape then came back to us for the final finishing. Once back in the finishing suite several visual effects were created. Lights were added to the ringing phone, the car window was replaced, the gecko character was composited into the final shot, the original car tyre was replaced with a 3D generated version and a restrained treatment for the typography was developed.

At first look the new Bridgestone commercial seems fairly straight forward but virtually every one of the 750 frames was hand painted. Whether it was removing dust and sparks from the negative or adding water droplets to the car window it is the attention to detail that makes the audience believe what they are seeing is real.” said Lincoln.

The client brought forward the airing date four months as they were so happy with the finished result.

Client: Bridgestone
Agency: Showpony Advertising
Director: Ernie Clark
Fusion: Editing, Compositing, Visual effects

View Bridgestone-Turanza commercial (3Mb)

You will need the QuickTime plug-in to view the movie.

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