Design & Branding

AARNet's annual report communicates change

AARNet is a not for profit organisation with multiple research and university based investors. AARNet develops and provides a highly advanced network of Internet services to its shareholders.

With a new CEO and new vision for the future, AARNet required their 2004 annual report to reflect change in the organisation. It was also necessary for the document to grab the attention of readers, not look like a typical report and be succinct and effective at communicating AARNet’s activities and strategies.


Designed to look more like a gift pack than a report, AARNet’s 2004 annual report invites you to touch it. Embossing the organisation’s positioning statement on the front cover not only makes your eye read it, but also ensures you pick the report up to caress the letter forms. The information design inside the report is also a surprise as you are succinctly informed about who AARNet is, what they have been doing and what their strategy is. Full bleed, full colour images of fibre optic cable and transparent fly sheets add to the pleasure of experiencing this annual report.


  • Annual report is well received by shareholders
  • Communication is effective
  • AARNet’s image is improved
  • Annual report reflects change and improvement
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