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Established in 1948, Shiels Jewellers has established a reputation for quality value and range. The well known Albert Bensimon has put a face to the brand and is famous for the no hoo haa advertising campaign that has established Shiels as a quality discount jewellery store.

Shiels wanted to update and redesign their limited website. They needed to capture potential online sales, have a full online product catalogue that they could update themselves and have a fresh, dynamic website in line with their current advertising campaigns and brand. Frustrated with the lack of progress from a website development company engaged to redesign and update their website, they asked around to find a new website development team. Shiels found out about us and Helium® our website content management system (CMS).

Helium® enables Shiels to manage an extensive online product catalogue themselves, adding removing and editing catalogue items in conjunction with their printed brochure published every 6-8 weeks. Customers can easily search the catalogue with drop down menu choices that only offer choices relevant to their selection. Shiels products are organised logically into jewellery types with sub navigation providing further selection to enable one click product display. Alternatively customers can enter a product identification number from the brochure to quickly find a product that interests them.

Each time the Shiels website is refreshed a new look and feel is achieved with different lifestyle images appearing on the homepage. This gives the site a fresh dynamic feel appropriate to the Shiels brand. An Interactive store locator lets customers locate and contact their closest store. An ask Albert section provides answers to frequently asked questions and raises Albert’s profile in keeping with the Shiels brand. Helium®’s ecommerce module enables easy online shopping within a secure environment.


  • Website presence is improved from flat static website to dynamic ecommerce tool
  • Increased revenue through online sales
  • Shiels and Albert Bensimon profiles is improved with a professional website tool
  • Improved communication as customer can access more information about Shiels' products, store locations, specific gem information and FAQs
  • Shiels staff have experienced ownership and empowerment as they have control of their website through Helium®

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