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Savings & Loans Annual Report CD-ROM

Savings & Loans Credit Union wanted to explore new technologies and media formats to present their annual report to their members and stakeholders. The Credit Union was looking for a refreshing and informative way that was more compelling, persuasive and engaging to experience over traditional printed annual reports.

Engaging Fusion, the Credit Union decided to distribute their annual report in an Interactive CD-ROM format supported by a 50 page two colour printed document. The CD-ROM contains video presentations by the Credit Union’s directors, executives, chairperson, CEO and deputy CEO. Each section of the CD-ROM is introduced by one of these key people, providing the viewer with an engaging and interesting presentation. The combination of music, animation, video footage, design and interactivity communicates and engages the viewer.


  • Savings & Loans Credit Union is marketed at the forefront of technology
  • Benefit from the reduction of distribution and printing costs through the use of a smaller medium and unit costs
  • Corporate and financial information is presented in an exciting format
  • Template system has been created for future annual reports with a significant cost benefit
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