Design & Branding

A new lease of life for Krix

Loudspeaker manufacturer Krix, has new branding to compete successfully against international competition, but the makeover has also enlivened the team and increased sales.

Krix manufactures a large range of high quality loudspeakers for home and commercial use. With close to 2000 commercial cinema installations globally, you have probably experienced Krix sound. Krix's great product range had really sold themselves, as their branding efforts did not reflect the quality, passion and ethos of the company. With increasing international distribution and major inroads into the commercial cinema industry Krix needed a unified branding makeover to reflect their innovative products and invigorate the company's image.

The new Krix logo is modern, clean smart and timeless. A new brand strap line was developed, 'experience sound' that now accompanies the brand identity. A branding system for the entire range of speaker cartons was designed as well as the redesign and rewriting of sales brochures, owners manuals, warranty cards, promotional information sheets for a new model, Neuphonix, and an awards poster to be displayed at points of sale. Krix has a unified brand image and system to communicate the right message.


  • Revenue has increased
  • Retail sales teams are reenergised
  • Krix communications now reflect the passion of the company
  • The Krix brand is now on the same professional level as their international competition
  • Krix presents a completely unified message to the marketplace
  • Manufacturing has not been able to keep up with the demand for the new Neuphonix model
  • The Krix team has experienced an invigorated passion and excitement for their business
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