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Opening titles for Feature Film ‘Elephant Tales’

Our jobs don’t get much better than this.
With an open brief, we were engaged to produce the opening title sequence for Mario Andreacchio’s feature film ‘Elephant Tales’. Written and directed by Mario Andreacchio (Paradise Found, Napoleon, The Real Macaw), Elephant Tales is a moving and magical tale of two elephant brothers in search of their mother, and the menagerie of wild creatures they encounter along the way.

Delving into the world of African artistic endeavour for inspiration, traditional tribal paintings offered the right fit. Further research into African typography and design resulted in the opening sequence being delivered like an African cave painting. "We got in touch with our tribal roots as we digitally painted the title for the main sequence." Said Grant Lovering Fusion Director.

Animating close up to the details of the painted title, animals are introduced as stylised silhouettes. Looking as if they have been stamped, the animal silhouettes cheekily animate. Pulling out from the animals we reveal the title of the movie in its entirety. The titles continue over an African themed pattern as the live action footage begins.


  • Universal Pictures and Myriad Pictures were amazed with the work produced as it exceeded all expectations.
  • This lead to the decision to use the work by Fusion to brand and promote all aspects of the film including the posters and planned website and DVD.
  • The process has highlighted the value in establishing a brand for the film that can then be leveraged in a variety of ways to promote the film.
  • Most importantly Mario, the film’s director was thrilled with the result.

Elephant Tales is to be released in France late 2006 and in Australia soon after.


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