Is the Mobile Experience all about Apps?

According to recent data from the global mobile analytics company Flurry, people are spending 86% of their time using Apps on their iOS and Android devices. Read more


What are you up to on the internet?

To help our clients make the most of the opportunities the internet provides, we wanted to know what South Australians are up to on the internet. Read more



To avoid squatters impersonating you and (even worse) being found before you are when people search for your brand, we thought you might find knowem.com useful. It’s a free aggregation service that instantly checks if your company’s name, brands or trademarked terms are available (or stolen) on 550 popular and emerging Social Media networks. Read more


Social Media Panel

Gavin Klose recently spoke with a crowd of South Australian business people about mobile technology at the ‘Making Social Media’ event held by Advantage SA. Coupled with a live Twitter feed, #advsatalks, social media enthusiasts learnt about the emergence of campaign driven apps, the difference between mobile apps and mobile friendly websites and the importance of apps for location based businesses. Read more


Facebook's Like button, coming to a screen near you!

Getting more traffic to your site via personal recommendation is now possible from Facebook, the social media generator. You may be interested to learn about the latest social media plug-ins from Facebook and how these plug-ins could benefit your website’s share ability. Read more


People read online in an F shape

From your own experience you know that reading a computer screen is very different from reading a book. A recent study by Jakob Nielson found that people read website content in an ‘F’ shaped pattern. Nielson recorded 232 people looking at web pages with eye tracking software. The typical pattern common with most readers was an F shape showing scanning behaviour instead of deliberate reading. Read more


Effective e-commerce sales

What is e-commerce? The term e-commerce covers the diverse business activities and functions that can occur over the Internet. This can be advertising and sales, communication, employee management, accounting, production management, supply and fulfillment procedures. Big businesses has been quick to adopt e-commerce over the last ten years as it offers significant costs savings and e-commerce sales offer an added form of revenue. In the U.S. e-commerce sales alone, have grown over 25% a quarter every year. Read more