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New to Team Fusion

Bringing in new skills and expertise means we can offer an even broader range of services.


Michelle van den Hout

Senior Digital Account Manager

As a qualified Thai Yoga masseuse, I try to pass on a similar sense of calm and order through my role as a Client Leader. Often the best ideas are generated through a desire to learn, grow, and share. I’m looking forward to convincing more Australian retailers to jump onto the e-commerce bandwagon as well, as it’s an area that’s only going to get bigger and open up more opportunities.


Zeno Jiricek

Web Developer

Constantly striving to deliver robust and maintainable technical architecture is what makes up the core of my Web Developer role. I love being a part of a team that is at the top of their game, and I try to constantly improve my area of expertise and uncover new knowledge. I am an enthusiastic, quality driven individual constantly striving to expand my repertoire, focusing on the best and most efficient workflows.


Rosyn Murphy

Digital Designer

For a Graphic Designer, every day is different, but mine always starts with a coffee. I grew up with art and my passion for painting pretty things grew into a love for designing on computers at university. There isn’t an area of design that I won’t try; I’m even a certified sandwich artist. From brainstorming the best solutions, to putting a great design together, I really enjoy the whole process of creating a product that each client loves.


Amy Sincock

Digital Copywriter

Stories are what make me tick. I love getting lost in biographies, I love reading about lands with robots and dashing heroines, and I love following the story of a well- crafted brand. No matter what you’re trying to communicate, it can be engaging and tell a story. As a Digital Copywriter, I choose the best words for your website, app or article to share your brand’s story with the people that need to hear it.

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