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Connecting the Savings & Loans brand through interactive engagement with their community

Savings & Loans has now merged with Australian Central Credit Union to become People's Choice Credit Union.

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    Challenge  We were engages to redevelop the Savings & Loans website to reflect their new brand identity and add user-friendly functionality to further benefit members.

    Solution  The website now acts as a key information portal for Savings & Loans products and services, and is used to promote and highlight S&L’s community involvement through blogs and community activities.

    Result  Savings & Loans have experienced a significant increase in the amount of loans written directly from website customers, creating the largest channel for loan writing within the business.

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    Challenge  Savings&Loans needed to change member attitudes to paper account statements, encouraging them to sign up for e-statements in line with their corporate green policy aimed at reducing printing expenses.

    Solution  We created a communications strategy linking people’s memory to the green message. To better position the message, a ‘make a green statement’ device was incorporated into print statement envelopes to trigger a call to action once people logged in to internet banking.

    Result  The link between print and online was crucial to the success of the campaign, resulting in 30,000 members registering for electronic statements within the first two months.

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    Challenge  For Savings & Loans Annual and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports, we recommended that they include their community in the creation of content.

    Solution  We recommended that Savings & Loans ask their customers what their idea of community was, giving them the opportunity to share their views, both in branches and online.

    Result  There were hundreds of responses, proof that the essence of community is alive and well. Staff were asked their views on corporate responsibility, and these were also included in the finished reports. Both reports were not just financial – they gave a snapshot of community sentiment.

  • Savings & Loans

    Challenge  Our strategy was to extend Savngs & Loans community focus to their Annual Report.

    Solution  The creative was inspired directly from customer views on community, with the answers being integrated into the design of the Annual Report.

    Result  The Annual Report was transformed from a purely financial document into a snapshot of community feeling.

  • Savings & Loans

    Challenge  Our challenge was to take the traditionally printed annual report and make it available online.

    Solution  We redesigned the annual report for an online environment and made it easily accessible for downloading. We created a microsite for the annual report, extending the creative content provided by the community.

    Result  In line with green initiatives the annual report is available to download online in HTML and PDF formats.

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