Helping Provide A Better Quality of Life

Telethon Kids’ multi-tenanted Episerver CMS powered solution helping parents and researchers.

Helping Provide A Better Quality of Life

The challenge

Accessible medical research for Australians

As one of the largest and most successful medical research institutes in Australia, the Telethon Kids Institute needs a platform that reflects their commitment to providing accessible information. The result was a website that delivers important medical research to a local and global audience, powered by Episerver.


Strategy / User Experience / Website / SEO / Live Prototyping

The Direction

Recognising and sharing expertise

The Telethon Kids website needed to provide personalised and accessible access to cutting edge research and information. The website also functions as a main driver for donations and heightens the Institute's engagement with the public. The new website is responsive, and optimised fnor search engines to provide the best possible user experience. Technical SEO best practice was implemented on launch, and ongoing SEO auditing ensures the website is always fully optimised.

Recognising and sharing expertise Recognising and sharing expertise
Personal experience. Easy to use. Personal experience. Easy to use.

The Design

Personal experience. Easy to use.

Powered by the capabilities of the Episerver CMS, Fusion has designed a website that enables Telethon Kids to create a customised user experience for each visitor. Episerver's Personalisation engine builds a profile of each visitor to the website, and uses their behaviour to show articles relevant to their interests and intent. The website also makes extensive use of Episerver FIND, which allows users to search through thousands of research articles and pinpoint information with a few clicks. The accessibility toggle is a small yet powerful innovation to this platform. This allows the user to view a high contrast version of the website - perfect for users with screen readers or other impairments.

The Study Websites

Simple creation, every time

Alongside the main website, the Telethon Kids platform supports over 13 additional study websites. Each study website was created without writing an extra line of code. Shared blocks and a custom theming engine housed in the same CMS instance allowed for content editors to create new websites with very little effort. Despite being standalone websites, Episerver FIND's powerful search functionality allows the user to search for content from any of the study websites, regardless of which website they are currently viewing. The global navigation tool at the top of the website enables users to effortlessly view and navigate between the study websites without having to memorise URL addresses.

telethon kids subsites

The Results

Increased user engagement in medical research

Since going live, Telethon Kids has seen a positive impact in user engagement and traffic from search engines.



increase in users



increase in overall session duration



increase in session duration from search engines

Elizabeth Chester

The website reflects the Institute’s commitment to providing accessible information to the community, government, practitioners and researchers around the world.

Elizabeth Chester, Telethon Kids Director of Communications and Development

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