An Effortless Education Experience

Taking education to the Campus of Anywhere

An Effortless Education Experience An Effortless Education Experience

The challenge

Online Edge for UniSA

The online education marketplace is a global and highly competitive environment for universities to recruit and enrol new students. As UniSA is a pioneer of flexible learning, they felt there was an opportunity to create a 100% online education platform for students.

UniSA engaged us to help develop their fully online experience, due to our expertise in building experiences that provide excellent customer satisfaction scores and conversion ratios. We collaborated closely with UniSA to plan, design and develop their new online education platform - UniSA Online.


UI/UX Design / Front End Development / Episerver Expert Services / DevOps


Frameworks for the Future

Working with UniSA’s development team, we created a custom build system for building and managing front end development. This system presents the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code for each block in the website, which allows the development team to see the look and feel of each block, along with its associated code. This meant there was no second guessing of how blocks were meant to be built, and also provided a handy reference when troubleshooting issues - all block code could easily be analysed for conflicts.

The approach was a first for Episerver-based websites, and we built the framework to be flexible enough to accommodate specific project requirements.

Frameworks for the Future Frameworks for the Future
Course Comparison Coherence

The Tool

Course Comparison Coherence

The new digital platform is designed for students at all stages of their education journey, from initial research through to applying for programs and launching them into study activity.

A sophisticated comparison tool enables students to get an overview of the features, requirements and highlights of degrees they are interested in. The tool pulls from both the online and on-campus degree databases and presents the information side by side. The tool is responsive, allowing users on any device to make an informed choice about their degree.

Episerver is powering the content management aspect of the platform which has been integrated with Oracle suite for CRM and marketing automation services.

The Design

A Simplified Syllabus

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