International Hospitality

A multilingual digital experience for 
a prestigious global brand.

International Hospitality International Hospitality

The challenge

Food for Thought

Le Cordon Bleu is the world's largest hospitality school, with 50 campuses on 5 continents training over 20,000 students annually.

Le Cordon Bleu had a tall order: creating a structured framework for their digital entities in each region. As a part of this engagement, long distance stakeholder sessions were conducted over multiple time zones. 5:30am starts became the norm.

A key challenge for this project was finding the right balance to communicate the amazing history of Le Cordon Bleu while maintaining relevance to attracting young students. Luxury and simplicity were the key brand attributes 
we focused on to provide the best experience.


UI/UX Design / Front End Development / Episerver Expert Services / DevOps

Parlez-vous français?


Parlez-vous français?

With campuses on 5 different continents, the Le Cordon Bleu website needed to support multiple languages from the start.

The language for the website is set using the geo-location of the user, without requiring them to access an English version first before moving to another language.

Users can toggle between eight languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai) as they like through a label in the main navigation.

Campus sections of the website are presented in a language based on their location (ie, Portuguese for a Brazilian campus vs French for a campus in France).

The Tool

For My First Course

The school bag is present on every page as part of a persistent bar, giving students quick access to applying for a program.

Students were also able to talk to representives on campus, download a brochure or book a campus tour.

As this bar needed to be understood in every language, idenfiable iconography was used to provide a universal language to each function. Each icon had a label that was visible when the user hovered over it, presented in the language that the student was using to view the website.

For My First Course

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