The Ride of Your Life

Road Safety Education via Virtual Reality

The Ride of Your Life The Ride of Your Life

The challenge

Cyclist Road Safety at the TDU

As part of Australia's greatest cycling race, the Tour Down Under (TDU), the Motor Accident Commission has the opportunity to spread the message of road safety to cyclists.

A number of road users are over-confident in their riding ability, percieving road safety messages as unnecessary.

Fusion was tasked with developing a digital activation to convey the message of 'Be Safe, Be Seen' to this difficult group of road users.


Activation / Virtual Reality Experience / iPhone App / Android App

The Concept

Engaging in Road Safety

We identified that many cyclists who visit the tour village love to ride the same courses as the professionals. This provided us with an opportunity to mix elements of professional cycling and everyday road safety when riding.

As MAC had a relationship with Olympic track cyclist Anna Meares, we leveraged the trusted voice (and gold medal-winning status) of their ambassador in our activation.

We developed the idea of riding alongside Anna, an activity few people get to experience in real life. The user rides with her in three scenarios: along a riverside cycle path, through the city streets and around the velodrome. To put the user in the centre of the experience we utilised VR technology via Samsung Gear VR headsets.

Engaging in Road Safety Engaging in Road Safety
Bringing Virtual Reality to Life Bringing Virtual Reality to Life

The Execution

Bringing Virtual Reality to Life

Filmed using 360 degree video technology, users were able to ride along with Anna using VR headsets in the tour village. To add to the immersive experience, users sat on real bikes and were able to pedal with Anna through the journey. Along the way, Anna describes road safety tips and techniques to help all cyclists be safer road users.

After the ride, users could take the experience home with the branded Google Cardboard VR goggles and mobile app, available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Click here to experience riding with Anna through the streets of Adelaide for yourself!

The Results

VR-y Well Received

Throughout the 9 day event, over 1,800 people tried the VR experience.

Cyclists of all ages were blown away by the experience, with many coming back for multiple rides throughout the event.

We also gave away over 50,000 branded reflective slap-bands and 6,000 branded Google Cardboards. The activation experience featured on the Today breakfast show and earned additional media coverage for MAC's messages.



rides over 9 days



increase in website page views



slapbands given away

MAC were delighted at the impact of the activation, particularly as it resonated with both serious and casual cyclists alike.

With cyclists of all ages participating and hearing the road safety message, we were able to inform and educate a new generation of safer road users.

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