Raising Brand Awareness

Seizing the opportunity to digitally connect Beyond Bank with their target market

Raising Brand Awareness Raising Brand Awareness

The challenge

Right place, right time

A fundamental part of digital brand activity is continuous optimisation. Central to this process is a willingness to try out new opportunities quickly and learn from the results. Beyond Bank engaged Fusion to produce a Snapchat filter for the Credit Union Christmas Pageant that increased brand awareness with their target market, while also enhancing the audience’s pageant experience.


Digital Design / Social Marketing / User Experience

The Landscape

Fighting for attention

Reaching prospective new customers can be hard, especially when the places they hang out in seem to eschew traditional media schedules. Efforts to raise brand awareness must now work seamlessly into the audience’s life and compete in a world of fast paced consumption. The strategic solution lies in brands being proactive to grasp engagement opportunities, while remaining relevant in how they connect with people.

Fighting for attention Fighting for attention
On theme and on brand

The Design

On theme and on brand

With the majority of the pageant audience being young families, the filter appeals to both adults and children with a festive theme. Fusion’s design is fun and captivating, enabling audiences to add a theme to their experience, which complements their snaps.

The Results

Complete ownership of snapchat presence

In taking quick initiative, Fusion geofenced the pageant journey to ensure that Beyond Bank had the only filter for the event. The results saw significant increase in brand awareness with over 50% usage rate and the filter viewed on images over 60,000 times through direct snaps and stories. Just as significant is the confidence that a small, timely experiment has given Beyond Bank – all part of continually optimising their digital presence. Note: After the initial success of the filter, Beyond Bank reused the filter to further connect with prospective customers at the Lights of Lobethal.



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