Dependable Email Marketing

Enabling Kimberly Clark to Connect to their Customers

Dependable Email Marketing Dependable Email Marketing

The challenge

Automation Baby Steps

One of Kimberly Clark Worldwide's global initiatives was to trial email marketing automation. The goal was to improve their current relationship with their customer and inform them of new information and offers. As the digital agency for the Depend brand, Fusion was tasked with beginning the trial using Marketo.


Personalisation / CRM / EDM Campaign

A Journey to Match User Behaviour

The Campaign

A Journey to Match User Behaviour

The first task was to combine Depend's Episerver and Magento CMS systems to Marketo. This enabled us to construct comprehensive user journeys around Depend's online store and free sample paths.

User behaviour during these journeys informed the EDM campaign about which emails to send at certain points in the journey.

A/B Testing of EDM emails was also undertaken to determine which copy converted best. In turn, this also determined which segments of Depend’s user base converted best.

The Results

Success is Just the Beginning

Kimberly Clark were ecstatic about the results in the Marketo trial period.
Fusion's success in this period enabled the brand to upgrade Depend and sister brand Poise to the global CRM system Salesforce.

Open Rate)

Open Rate

Our emails based on a personalised content had the best open rate of any email variant

Bounce Rate)

Bounce Rate

Website users from our emails had the lowest bounce rate of any channel

Email Revenue)

Email Revenue

Over $33,000 of revenue was generated during the trial period

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