Delivering Delicious Results for Detpak

Tasty leads, more often

Delivering Delicious Results for Detpak Delivering Delicious Results for Detpak

The challenge

B2B purchasing behaviour has changed

B2B decision makers spend 1% of their time buying, and 99% researching...almost exclusively online.* This dramatic shift in purchasing behaviour led Detpak to collaborate with Fusion on shaping their digital transformation strategy. As a global company creating packaging for the food services industry, Detpak's customer base ranges from big brands like McDonald's and Subway to the owner/operator of your local coffee shop. The transformation strategy needed to accommodate B2B transaction needs with the speed, design and simplicity of a B2C website. *Source: Ogilvy On: Social Media for B2B Companies.


Strategy / User Experience / Website / SEM/SEO / Commerce

The Strategy

A digital platform to meet evolving needs

Fusion sought to create digital outcomes for Detpak that serve the evolving needs of existing and potential clients, while also reflecting their broader business strategy. A major strategic objective of the website is to be the single source of truth for the Detpak product offering. This meant that product information needs to be displayed clearly and cleanly. Pages have an emphasis on self-service, with users given the ability to order products through the website without having to speak to a salesperson. Inspiration galleries, case studies and access to marketing materials help to clearly display and contextualise Detpak's wide range of products.

The Design

600 products, endless combinations

The new Detpak website displays detailed information for over 600 products, some of which can be customised in a variety of colours and patterns. Our design team built the product hierarchy from a customer-centric perspective to ensure it was easy to use and understand. A filter series allows users to find the right products quickly and easily, without having to remember product SKU's or names. The quote request form is designed to display the various status of products (stock availability, on order or out of stock) in a clear manner.

600 products, endless combinations 600 products, endless combinations
Enhanced Episerver Excellence Enhanced Episerver Excellence

The Technology

Enhanced Episerver Excellence

Under the hood, is powered by Episerver, an enterprise level CMS. We also added the Episerver Commerce engine and Episerver Find, a sophisticated in-site search tool to further enhance the power of the website. A multi-faceted product filtering tool allows customers to find the right products quickly and easily, without having to remember product SKU's or names. The quote request tool and sign-up form are integrated into the Pardot CRM, providing Detpak with detailed lead management and marketing automation.

The Results

Increased customer satisfaction for Detpak

Since the launch of the new Detpak website there has been a significant increase in user satisfaction and engagement. The Detpak website is the first of multiple Episerver powered B2B eCommerce solutions Fusion are developing with the Detmold Group.



increase in customer satisfaction score



increase in session duration across the website



increase in session duration from search engines

Damien Mair

B2B buyers are no different than the rest of us. When they have a problem, the web is their first stop. Their expectations of the digital experience are extremely high due to the totality of their online shopping experiences. For, we took UX cues from fashion and food commerce websites to create a beautiful, high-performing digital solution.

Damien Mair, Fusion Co-Founder

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