Connecting Santos with a broad range of stakeholders - and saving a million dollars in training costs!

Santos is the largest oil and gas producer in Australia and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

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    Challenge  Santos were training approximately 5000 people every year using expensive and ineffective classroom-based programs. They required a modern, streamlined solution for training.

    Solution  Our Learning Management System (LMS) allows people to do training at their own pace, from work or home. Users can log in or out at any time and return to the same point in their training. Santos creates training content in-house with PowerPoint that is uploaded directly into the LMS.

    Result  The LMS implementation has been an outstanding success, saving Santos over $1 million per year in training and salary costs.

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    Challenge  Our challenge was to update the Santos website using rich multimedia elements to stay relevant in an ever-changing online landscape and engage a diverse shareholder audience.

    Solution  Undergoing our methodical design process we clearly defined Santos's website objectives. The investor centre has been expanded to provide more targeted information to shareholders, with the activity centre providing exploration data on the progress of their business interests around the world.

    Result  The Santos website has been acknowledged as one of the stand outs in Australia. Notable as a 'best practice' website that showcases the best of web 2.0 multimedia technologies.

  • Challenge  To leverage their sponsorship of Northern Lights, Santos approached us to produce an experience that exhibition goers would love. They wanted to create something memorable that would allow them to truly engage with the community.

    Solution  We created the Santos Northern Lights pop-up photo booth. Santos employee volunteers staffed the Photo Booth, where members of the public had a professional photo taken in front of the lit buildings and then received a free print on the spot.

    Result  Nearly 3,500 people were photographed and Santos’ partnership with the Adelaide Festival was recognised as one of the best strategic and creative connections between the arts and business in South Australia, winning the Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF) Community Award.

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    Challenge  Naming rights sponsorship for the 2010 Santos Tour Down Under gave Santos a great opportunity to build brand awareness on a scale like never before.

    Solution  With no online community for cyclists to connect, we created a micro-site for riders to share and exchange info, along with a professional cyclist who blogged on pro teams and gave training advice to local riders. A photographer took and uploaded shots to share with others.

    Result  The site was a sweet victory for Santos who provided cyclists with a popular online space to connect and share their experiences of the Santos Tour Down Under.

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    Challenge  With the move to a new corporate headquarters, Santos needed a dynamic motion graphics display to engage people visiting the building.

    Solution  Key statistics are dynamically displayed over a topographic map background that communicates Santos' business. The loop runs for three minutes, ensuring information variation.

    Result  This highly engaging, informative presentation is delivered to hundreds of visitors to the headquarters every week.

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    Challenge  We were engaged to create a keepsake item that highlights Santo's 50 years of achievements in the oil and gas industry.

    Solution  This elegantly printed booklet with intelligent copy and information design is also delivered digitally as an interactive milestone timeline.

    Result  Shareholders have provided positive feedback and the online version has been used extensively.

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